Skoybus offers Digital Marketing to promote your Business

Skoybus revolutionise Digital Marketing in Nigeria by offering businesses mobile and online destination to market their products and services.

The skoybus and Nigeria bank partnership Cash Back rewards program/platform allows businesses to “post” offers as a form of digital advertisement to TARGETED cardholders based on their shopping and spending behaviour.

Our partnership with Nigeria banks will place your “offering” in front of over Ten million customers through various media.

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Statistics Do Not Lie

Statistics have shown that Digital Marketing in Nigeria today help businesses to Increase their Revenue, Increase sales and also help in acquiring new customers. For this simple reason, every business NEEDS digital marking to survive.

Skoybus platform uses statistics and algorithm to predict products and services that your business offers and merge them to what consumers buys. We use this process and/or set of rules to offer targeted adverts to Nigerian consumers.

Do you know that many Nigerians buy similar products to what you offer? I bet you do not have a clue. You will be surprised how much money consumers spend on products and services that you offer.

We Showcase your Business

With over 20 Trillion being spent by over 2 million Visa and MasterCard cardholders; still growing, we know where they buy, when they buy, where they buy from and how often they buy. We will showcase your business to consumers on what they spend on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

With this record, we are able to identify customers near your business that will buy from you. This enable us to showcase your products or services to millions cardholders in our “Bank Rewards Directory”.

Matching Cardholders with your business – Digital Marketing way

Skoybus pride itself with our proprietary analytics platform that is based our cardholders spending behaviour that identify consumers that will purchase from your business. That is why we know that “Data is king” to digital marketing in Nigeria.




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How we Increase your Sales!

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