The safest way to make payment

Prepaid cards in Nigeria are the easiest way to make payments. Either for online shopping, bill payments or use to pay in store for all your purchase. They work exactly the way your debit and credit cards works. The only different is, you pre-load the debit card before you can use it. This is why most people call it “Prepaid Debit Card” or sometimes, they are called “Re-loadable Visa Prepaid cards”.

Get a skoypay prepaid in Nigeria to take advantage of all the benefits that comes with the card. All you have to do is to load your Skoypay Visa Prepaid Card and keep spending


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Skoybus specialises in Prepaid Cards, Reward Programs, Loyalty points. This includes cash back on the usage of your card and payment solutions in Nigeria. We are a privately held company with a unique business-to-business (B2B) model. This enables Nigerian banks, merchants and businesses to benefit from prepaid cards, loyalty programs and rewards technology platforms.

Prepaid Cards in Nigeria

Skoybus business is mainly in Prepaid Cards and Rewards Program. Banks in Nigeria benefit from sponsoring/issuing co-branded prepaid card programs or launching Bank Rewards programs for their existing cardholders.

The mission of Skoybus is: “To be the best and most trusted, broadly accepted provider of payment solutions, prepaid cards, stored valued services, reward points, cash back and loyalty rewards for Banks, Merchants, Business and the Nigerian community nationwide and globally.”

Skoybus executive team and alliances is comprised of bankers, financial business professionals, expert marketers and administrators in the financial service industry. Skoybus’s unique selling proposition is derived through its intellectual property utilizing financial models and innovative applications.

The Skoybus solution utilizes a core processor providing a certified PCI-compliant secure payment gateway/platform. The Skoybus online payment platform, reward programs, prepaid cards & products have been presented to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) who licenses sponsoring banks that issue prepaid BIN’s (Bank Identification Numbers) co-branded with Visa® in Nigeria.



Bank Rewards Program

Our Bank Rewards programs use analytics and business intelligence technology. this provide the most relevant loyalty & rewards offers to your cardholders.


Make Your Card Top-Of-Wallet

Increase usage of your credit, debit or prepaid portfolio. Increase deposits, loads and interchange revenue.  Increase retention through loyalty strategies.


Visa Prepaid Debit Cards

Sponsor and Issue prepaid debit cards for your Bank or Clients. Benefit from additional revenue streams in the prepaid industry.




Bill Payment Center for Retailers:

Open a bill payment center at your store so your customers that prefer cash can pay their utility, cable, satellite, telecom and other bills in cash at your store and earn extra income


Corporate and Enterprise Payout Cards.

Need an efficient payment solution? Looking to launch quickly?  We provide payroll, payout, incentive and loyalty reward cards to meet your needs.

Business Expense Nigeria

We can issue your Business, Corporate and Enterprise expense card with ease.


Visa Prepaid Cards.

Do you need a Visa Prepaid Card in Nigeria? Get a SkoyPay Prepaid Card card. Launch your own prepaid Visa with your own brand.  We provide Customized General Purpose re-loadable prepaid debit cards for your target market.



Card-Linked Offers

Card-Linked Offers is a perfect way for merchants to reach thousands of cardholders that are already purchasing from your Merchant Category Code. Acquire new customers and increase spending.


Pre-Sold Online Offers

Looking to promote a specific service or new product?  Posting an pre-sold online offer on our bank rewards platform is a perfect way to launch or re-ignite your business offering. We take care of everything for you!


Loyalty Rewards Programs

Are you looking to start your own loyalty program?  Need the right platform?  We’re experts at loyalty rewards to increase spending, visits and recency from your existing customers